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The Darker Side of Managed Service Providers

Technology keeps on evolving and everyday something new in the tech world is being brought to life. Philadelphia managed services provider can help you and your business stay ahead of the trends & make your business more tech savvy, fast and resilient to shocks in the market. However, the acquisition of MSP’s services have come at a cost. And not only from the financial implications but other aspects while acquiring and sustaining the services of a managed serviced provider. These challenges include;


Cost of running your own IT department Vs Cost of hiring an MSP

It helps to weigh the cost on all fronts. From the human resource capital, to physical infrastructure, to outsourcing of other IT related services like data backup. These among others will need to be evaluated before a company decides to take on an MSP. Because you might think you are saving on cost but actually spending more than you need. These has really come up when your company is relatively small or mid-sized. Also occurs when the business services and products offered require a lot or too little IT services and the management of the IT around it.

Security that MSP offers Vs Security challenges posed to opening up to an MSP

Companies all over the world are grappling with both online and offline security of their material and data. From online terrorism, to corporate espionage to, hostile takeovers and the like. Hence the data kept needs to be safe and secure.

Though MSP’s guarantee the security of data and other IT resources, the can only do so much. Sometime the safety measures they have in place can’t sustain or be sufficient to protect certain corporates from intrusions and the compromise of their information.

To have control Vs to lease control

Corporates are worried that MSP may have too much control over their IT systems and infrastructure to a very disturbing and intrusive point. But giving control of your IT systems and infrastructure is at the heart of the creation and sustenance of MSP. Though most MSP emphasize working with companies rather than for companies this pledge is not often obliged.

MSP in some instances have gone beyond their bounds and limits and in the process affected daily operation of the company. Most prevalent is upgrades and updates of the system that are unrequited and cost too much.

Mediocrity of services provided

Most companies that have used MSPs have noted a reluctance to dynamism and flexibility. Such flexibility can only be offered by you own IT department. For instance, using and maintaining obsolete systems. Having long response time to system issues and failure has also been noted.

Mediocrity often involves a below or just about average performance and these has become rather unacceptable. Compared with owning your own vibrant department that you can form and motivate to give a certain result.

Although these challenge’s have lead others to drop MSPS on the whole, others have found reverting to another MSP or developing a sort of coalition between you and your MSP has helped address some of these issues. Overall it will all come down to the effects of the MSP to the bottom line.