Fortem Security Software – Designed To Protect


When companies look for security software to protect facilities, information and assets, they try to find one powerful enough to deal with all perceived threats. There are many available security software suites robust enough to meet the demands of small and maybe even medium sized companies. But when it comes to really large companies, especially those dispersed over a wide area, it takes really powerful and specialized software to be up to the task. Fortem Omnipresence 3D software is designed to manage the security requirements of medium to very large companies. You can access lots of security-related information at this site.

Features Of The Fortem Omnipresence 3D Software

The Fortem Omnipresence 3D software manages to increase operator efficiency by doing exactly what software are supposed to do: eliminate the need for most manual inputs to free up the operator for decision making functions on the fly. The software package provides real time intelligence and analytics to help the operator make fully informed decisions, avoid costly errors, and expedite response to any security incident. Best of all, the software package is compatible with most major brands of security equipment. This means you will likely not need to replace existing equipment to upgrade security management through Fortem Omnipresence 3D.

With this security software suite, you are given the ability to configure indoor and outdoor maps of your buildings and areas of interest in 2D or 3D. These maps will display how your surveillance equipment, alarms, and other devices are installed. Even details like the effective range and field of view of each camera, and security incidents can be tracked. Each of the security technologies you are using such as access control, sonar, radar, video surveillance & recording, license plate recognition, geographic information systems, fire alarm and monitoring systems, and intrusion detection systems, are integrated. With this sort of integration you can view real-time and historical information to better manage resources such as personnel, vehicles and equipment to contain security incidents.

In responding to security incidents, the software allows you to instantly identify and stream video cameras onsite to obtain the best view of the cause of an alarm. You can redirect (pan or tilt) cameras to get a better view of suspicious persons and vehicles and you can even superimpose live or archived video on the 3D map.

Tracking of suspicious activities can be done remotely, so suspects can be tracked even in unfamiliar areas. You can re-assign resources from one site to the other as the situation demands and remotely investigate performance issues as well as internal and external threats.


Fortem Omnipresence 3D software has more than enough capability to handle medium sized facilities such as colleges with up to 12 buildings, 400 doors, 400 cameras, intrusion detection, license plate recognition, and access control systems. It is also suitable for use in airports which require tracking and control of more than a thousand video cameras, access control through hundreds of doors and fire detection systems.

The software package can also handle nationwide integration of dozens of military bases and command centers. It can track up to a thousand buildings, thousands of cameras, a million personnel, etc. Fortem Omnipresence 3D can handle the security management requirements of the largest companies.