Multi Touch Wall – A Powerful Business Tool

multi touch wall

Many of us became aware of what a multi touch wall is when CNN used them in the coverage of the American elections of 2008. Suddenly the presenter was able to use touches and gestures to summon live data feeds and other information of interest to the viewer. The viewers were mesmerized and Mostly as an offshoot of the awe that the multi touch wall inspired, even today they are still used TV news programs, most often to project weather maps.

In the seven years since then, there have developed more uses for multi touch walls. Businessmen found that they almost effortlessly attracted much sought after interaction with clients. Thus trade shows and product showrooms had a few of them to showcase the most important information, products and services. Professionals found large format touch screens ideal for making presentations and for collaborating on certain projects. Real estate professionals discovered these large multi touch screens facilitate simultaneous interaction between sales agents, buyers and builders, thus making their operations more efficient.

To take advantage of the increased demand, manufacturers, some of whom may even be members of progressive organizations such as the International Electronics Manufacturing Initiative have enhanced the capabilities of multi touch screen walls. They are now available in a range of sizes, starting from over 40 inches to really large ones exceeding 80 inches in size. Many of them offer support for more than 40 simultaneous touch points and there are models which support up to 60. Security in these new touch screens have also been enhanced to make them virtually vandal proof; you can lock access to monitor ports and start buttons.

The latest multi touch walls can easily connect plug-in or connect wirelessly with laptops, desktops and most smart devices. As far as connectivity is concerned usual choices almost always include Ethernet, WiFi, RFID and Bluetooth, which should cover almost all requirements. This makes it easy to access data and apps from a variety of external devices. Connectivity is completed by the ability to make instant data updates; something that those in sales understand the importance of. Think about real-time price and special offer updates.

Since not all applications of large multi touch screens are indoors, many models are built tough with some manufacturers using aircraft-grade aluminum on the chassis. Some models even have tempered glass tops to handle most types of abuse from users, with the possible exception those from people determined to do intentional damage. Dust and smudge resistance is another common feature on such new screens. Image clarity have also improved quite a lot, with most large touch screens now offering a choice of either full HD or high resolution 4K displays.

The real power comes from improved software. New large touch screens are compatible with a host of graphics, content management, gesture customization, and web management software. And as in every other modern gadget, there are lots of apps you can install to improve its performance.

With lots of useful and ever improving features multi touch walls have become one of the most powerful tools in the modern businessman’s arsenal.