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Effective IT-Solutions for New Economic Demands

As everybody knows, the proposal gives rise to demand. And today, the business has already realized what characteristics should be dominant for IT solutions company and how to control them. That is the trend in demand that gradually acquires real shape, but the proposal is a little late.

This is understandable, because the experience of managers in the last ten years was based on the fact that the production would be expanded tomorrow. After all, if we look at the figures drop in GDP for the year 2009, we will see that in five countries – Armenia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine as well as Estonia – a drop exceeded 10%. For comparison: Japan (-5.3%), Germany (5%), Italy (-4.9%), the UK (-4.8%), which represents the worst performance for the entire post-war period. So, now it comes the best time to learn and work in new economic conditions. Well, let’s learn together.

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Of course, the consideration of specific examples of solutions that are currently in demand in the market is always more interesting and understandable. Let’s start with virtualization solutions. Today, almost all manufacturers of tools for infrastructure management recognize that virtualization sooner or later will form the basis of IT companies that have at least a few dozen servers and workstations.

To understand the market relevant to the subject under discussion, we didn’t rely on the authority of the analysts and publications, and personally interviewed 46 CIOs of the banks. And it turned out that 58% of respondents made virtualization solutions already in use, and the remaining 42% didn’t pay attention to this fact. And this is the most promising of all the news that might be. If the proportion of those who have already mastered these decisions was too small, it would mean nothing more than a lack of market maturity. On the other hand, if everything is already switched to virtual solutions, the market will become saturated.

Thus, to sum up the results of this particular decision, we introduce application virtualization solutions for the future of desktop PCs and servers.

The rule 3R for these solutions is performed, as well as performed clearly (Reduce Costs, Lower Risks, Grow Revenues)

Decisions are effective under the conditions of a shrinking business to minimize the investment in hardware.

The market is rather mature.

The market is still far from saturation.

There is a positive forecast of analysts.

There is a high marketing activity of manufacturers and system integrators.

Here is a list of services that are currently in demand in the international IT-market:

• Regional IT services;

• Customer service;

• Maintenance of networks, servers and databases;

• Development, testing and maintenance of applications;

• Outsourcing IT staff;

• IT consulting.

Some of these services are clear and familiar, but, the service of the regional IT services, which came out in the middle of 2009, has become a hit of the season, gaining diplomas of prestigious competitions of corporate projects. Thus, if in 2008 the market of outsourcing services has been very modest in terms of volume and in the variety of products, now outsourcing IT services is gaining momentum.